dressback3 Ah. This is the kind of dress I can imagine wearing to some dark lit restaurant, my brown locks curled and done 40s style (flowing over my shoulders and back), burgundy red lips (just the same as tint as the wine that'll be consumed that evening), nicely made up eyes (a cross between smokey and a modern cat eye flick) and a subtle, knowing smile directed at the handsome man across the table from me. Ah, again. The back of that dress is amazing.


All mine

My friend played this old Portishead song one thursday afternoon, and it's just so good.


Made in

american3 americanappareldenim american2
I can't believe I just stumbled upon American Apparel's tumblr. It's a dreamy place for lovers of their clothes, such as I. I die over their lawn tanks, their denim, their headwear, their sheer jersey muscle tees and their high-waist denim shorts - I die over all their items.

If these items could make their way into my closet:


What I'll do

rene3 rene1 rene5 rene6 rene8 I saw this series of photos by René Groebli here, and I absolutely love them. Oh, the white shirt, the stockings, the little night slip, the sleeping back, the haircut, the whole setting and feeling. I felt like these photographs would go great with King Cole Trio's What I'll Do. I was right!


Le sport

j2 j1 I1343686409598470_12 Normally I would just look at these photos and think, ah cool, but then forget them. However, seeing as I'm running all the time now, sportswear editorials are really starting to appeal to me. Not the overly done ones, but the simple ones that can most definitely be applied to real life, to a real workout session. Cool.

Photos from TFS.


Splitting threads of thunder over me

cora-keegan5eyes LaraDossier07out Today I wouldn't mind...
1. Doing my eyes that way, my hair and yeah, also (why not) wearing those shades
2. Wearing a crop top and high-waist shorts
3. Listening to Fineshrine by Purity Ring on repeat

Photos from FGR.